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2024 Cut2Cut Worlds | What To Expect

Updated: Jan 4

In the ever-changing world of streaming television, where creativity meets technology, "Cut2Cut Worlds" Season 1 will showcase various styles of DJing and music production. For years, we've coordinated the Cut2Cut battle as a traveling single-elimination battle that focused on scratching. This will always be the core of the event, but as we move into 2024, we're looking to expand the range of experiences we provide. Here's what to expect in 2024.. 1. THE COMPETITIVE GAME SHOW FORMAT Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the Cut2Cut Worlds, however, we will be conducting auditions similar to a competitive television game show. We encourage all levels of DJs to participate in the casting calls, but we understand that there are many different ways to interpret the art of DJing and music production.

Our approach to the show is different from traditional competitions where only one winner with a specific style is selected. Instead, we will be taking all styles of DJs and producers and creating episodes based on everyone's unique style. By segmenting the different styles of DJs and producers we have access to, we can identify which combinations work well together and which ones clash..


We have various formats we think will challenge the DJs and Producers to create something worthwhile. Without saying too much, we want Season 1 to encourage collaboration, feedback, and great audience engagement. You need a great selection to please a lot of people. ;) 3. WE WILL NOT BE TRAVELING...YOU WILL. For season 1 of the Cut2Cut Worlds, we will be flying a select amount of entrants to our studio locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA to participate in a live production of the shows. The selected entrants will spend 3-4 days with us to rehearse, meet the team, and attend some exclusive workshops, before performing live in front of a studio and online audience.

Some restrictions may apply based on the show's format.

The audition dates, film schedule, and more will be announced soon. Have a question?

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