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Battle 4 Clout - Reggae/Flip Rules & Judging Format

Producer / DJ Heat 1 - Reggae / Dancehall Flip Rules How it works? Option 1 - Take any reggae / dancehall track and flip it into something new Option 2 - Take any song/track/etc and flip it into a reggae / dancehall track 1. Create a 1 minute video of you playing your track 2. Post it on Instagram, tag @battleave , and use the hashtag #battle4clout 3. IF you don't have instagram, submit your video HERE. - You may enter as many entries as you would like, but only 1 will be chosen. - If your video is over 60 seconds, a 60 second section of the video will be chosen for judging. How Judging Works? Public Vote - For 1 week, our community will be welcome to vote for their personal Top 3. Voting can be done here or via Battle Ave's Instagram Story. Battle Ave's Choice - From the Public Vote tally, we will assemble the Top 5. Pro Top 3 - 1 qualified surprise special guest judge will help pick Top 3 in winning order. Winner announced on the last day of the month. ✅ Place your vote here

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