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CNTRL 002: The Session-In Compilation Releases 10/30

The first official Session-In compilation is here! On Friday October 30th, At The Ave Records and Battle Avenue will be releasing the 2nd installment of their beat tape compilation series, "CNTRL 002". The Session-In, an online producer session series held every Friday on Zoom, is celebrating 30 consecutive episodes (with 4 international) by releasing the 29 track beat tape compilation via all streaming platforms such as: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal with tracks available for purchase via Bandcamp. The compilation will feature tracks submitted by producers: Sndtrak Zenan SlopFunkDust STLNDRMS Spec Backwood Onedr Illastrate Sponatola Max Kane DJ Flow Sirplus DJ Static Virusss Vitamin D Theory Hazit Donel Smokes D Dot Professor Nameless Trox Kay Of The Foundation Nelac Tony Dark Wally Rios Quis Bueno Obsidian Blue Brain Orchestra Sam Mandell & Rhythm J Project mastered: Zenan Illustration by: Antriks Have you heard the first compilation? If not, listen to CNTRL 001.

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