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Battle 4 Clout - $100 Monthly Battles

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

WE'RE BACK! Introducing the Battle 4 Clout, a series of battles with different formats, styles, and a cash prize. Each month a new format will be posted here and on our social media accounts @battleave , @cut2cutworlds , and @session_in . See the current formats, rules, and schedule below.


HOW TO ENTER: CREATE a 1 minute video based on the format you're entering for the month POST the video on Instagram, tag @battleave and use the hashtag #battle4clout *If not on Instagram, submission through website only ok SUBMIT the video here so it can be officially posted on our site

Top 10 will be chosen with only one $100 winner (more prizes tba)


THE 2022 SCHEDULE June 1st - 20th Turntablist Heat #1 - The Scratch Intro / Hook DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and Babu are the inspirations here. Make a scratch intro / hook that musically works. July 11th - 29th Producer Heat #1 - Genre Flip - Reggae/Dancehall Take a reggae track and flip it OR flip a track into reggae/dancehall. Either way, reggae/dancehall is the vibe and you got 60 seconds pon de record. August 1st - 22nd Open Format Heat #1 - 6/60 - 6 Tracks in 60 Seconds (PICK A DECADE - 80's, 90's, 2000's, 2010's, 2020's etc!) You have 60 seconds to make a party rocking routine only using 6 tracks. What you gon play now? September 1st - 19th Turntablist Heat #2 - Turntable / Stems Based Music Just like the Skratch Piklz, Teeko, Excess, and Xecutioners do it, we need these to be raw, tablist-esque style routines. We appreciate a balance of pre-production and hand-made sounds. Run it back to the glory days of tablism and show us your best turntable/stems based routine. October 1st - 17th Open Format Heat #2 - TBA November 1st - 21st Producer Heat #2 - TBA December 1st - 19th The Battle 4 Clout Tournament


THE DIVISIONS: Turntablist, Open Format, & Producer Turntablist - Technically reserved for turntable based DJs, this division focuses on technicality, creativity, and the ability to create music using samples, instrumentals, acapellas, and full tracks. There's no restrictions on the type of equipment you use (controller, vinyl, turntables). Open Format - The focus here is party-rocking musical routines. Your selection, creativity, and performance counts. Look beyond the DJ community and engage with the crowd. There's no restrictions on the type of equipment you use (controller, sampler, turntables, etc). Producer - We're looking for fire remixes, flips, and re-imaginations of various genres. The B4C formats for the Producer division will focus on finding the best iterations of a classic track or the assembly of something wild using specific samples. There's no restriction on the type of equipment you use (DAW, sampler, controller, etc ).

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