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made with aloha.

About Us

"From Our Family, Made With Aloha."

Fresh Press was created for exploration. We wanted a way to share new products with our community and naturally felt the best way to break the ice was to combine our love for the turntable and plate.

We are a small family with 2 kids and a dog. We travel regularly and have made a
 lot of friends and new family around the world. With every journey, great stories have always been shared around good music and food. 

We developed this brand to share more stories and home-made products "made with aloha".



*All cookies are made from fresh ingredients and are stored in a cool, dry environment. Nuts are only included in select products. Full list of ingredients can viewed on product page.


Antriks playlist podcast features nostalgic remixes, original music production, and hand-selected classic songs to get you back in the groove again.


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